Balmoral boasts an extensive track record in some of the most onerous operating conditions in the world. As the industry continues its journey into deeper waters the company differentiates itself by providing fully accredited, safe and highly cost effective design and manufacturing solutions.

In March 2013 the American Petroleum Institute (API) released specifications 17L1 for flexible pipe ancillary equipment and 17L2 recommended practice for flexible pipe ancillary equipment.

The API 17L specification stipulates the minimum requirements for the design, material selection, manufacture, documentation, testing, marking and packaging of flexible pipe ancillary equipment including buoyancy modules, clamping systems, bend stiffeners and restrictors.

The API standard covers all materials, design, testing and manufacturing methodologies used in the system to provide uplift of up to 4.65Te at water depths to 10,000ft.

To achieve Bureau Veritas approval in line with API 17L standards Balmoral successfully completed an 11 month development programme that consisted of four phases: quality audit; design review; material qualification; inspection and testing.

Clients should enquire whether or not their supplier is accredited to API standards to ensure the optimum products and services for their project are provided.