Engineering design, research and development

A significant differentiator at Balmoral, as a privately owned company, is the ability to invest in continuous research and development programmes.

The company’s R&D programme has evolved to include material innovation and, in conjunction with process engineers and technicians, the optimisation of production processes and control techniques designed to improve safety, quality and productivity. This not only translates into an unrivalled range of innovative materials but also the depth of experience available from the company’s design engineering team.

For more than three decades the company’s scientists and technologists have provided combinations of buoyancy, insulation and polyurethane products to assist in the exploration and exploitation of ever deeper waters and ever harsher environments.

Augmented by contemporary 3D modelling, finite element analysis, CFD, lab and testing facilities, the engineering design department is wholly committed to a policy of continuous innovation and improvement.

The team is encouraged to develop professional relationships with customers to help it deliver a personalised service at all levels and at all times.

Balmoral Offshore Engineering design capability

Balmoral Offshore Engineering research and development

Balmoral Offshore Engineering research and development laboratory