27 April 2016

Thermal insulation expertise runs deep at Balmoral

Balmoral Offshore Engineering has introduced a range of proven high temperature thermal insulation systems suitable for use on subsea Christmas trees, manifolds, spool pieces and jumpers, etc.

The systems complement Balmoral’s portfolio of buoyancy and elastomer products making the company a highly effective through-systems provider for the exploration and production subsea sectors.

The company’s experience of the insulation market runs deep. Technical director, Dr Bob Oram, was instrumental in the success of the Group’s former division, Balmoral Webco, which carried out many industry milestone insulation projects including BP Miller, Total Dunbar/Ellon and Girassol.

High temperature-rated silicone, urethane alloy and epoxy materials form the core of the thermal insulation portfolio. Dr Oram said: “2015/16 has been Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s busiest period in terms of thermal insulation projects.

“We have contributed to a number of projects including Pierce and Blackbird in the UK North Sea, Shah Deniz in the Caspian, Lucius Deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico, Baobab offshore Cote d’ Ivoire, the Ten project in Ghana, and the OYO phase II project in Nigeria.


Investment drives efficiency

Proprietary laboratory, hydrostatic and mechanical testing facilities enable Balmoral to research, identify and develop cost effective materials across a spectrum of applications.

Despite current market conditions Balmoral continues to invest heavily in technology, manufacturing processes and product development. Installing state of the art technology is key to driving production efficiencies and reducing lead times. This, combined with an effective product development programme, supports current industry demands while positioning the company strongly for when the market recovers.

Allied to this is a major expansion of Balmoral’s subsea test centre which services the developing requirements of clients and that of the wider market.

Jim Milne founder, MD and chairman of the company, said: “We have an outstanding technical team that is always working on something new and this is what drives our business.

“The differentiators between us and our competitors are innovation, technical expertise, project management skills and manufacturing efficiency – as well as a comprehensive product portfolio.

“It is important to realise that we are a private company and do not require shareholder approval for major R&D projects.”


Pic: Installation of Balmoral thermal insulation cover

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