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Drilling riser buoyancy

Balmoral Offshore Engineering consistently manufactures high quality modules while its in-house hydrostatic test centre offers test facilities to 7000msw equivalent.


Drilling riser buoyancy provides uplift while reducing the submerged weight of the riser joints. This helps to minimise top tension and prevent stress in the riser as well as reducing loadings during deployment and retrieval of the blow-out preventer (BOP) stack.

Drilling risers extend from the BOP to the drilling vessel with their primary function being the provision of fluid communications between the well and the vessel while supporting choke, kill and auxiliary lines.

The riser is also used to guide tools into the well and serves as a running/retrieving string for the BOP.


View: DurafloatTM and Durafloat RISTM systems

View: SuperliteTM and Superlite-XTM systems



Balmoral drilling riser buoyancy modules


Dressed riser joint with drilling riser buoyancy

Dressed marine drilling riser joint

Balmoral drilling riser buoyancy modules are fitted around the riser with moulded apertures accommodating auxiliary lines and riser clamps.

The vertical lift of the syntactic modules is transferred to the riser by a thrust collar fitted to the riser pipe below the upper coupling. A matching collar is normally installed at the lower end of the assembly to facilitate the transfer of the module weight during handling.