Drilling products

Durafloat Superlite™ and Superlite-X™

Drill riser buoyancy to 15000ft

Having successfully developed its Durafloat drill riser buoyancy to working depths of 12000ft, Balmoral recognised that further performance improvements were required.


Basing their work on the original Durafloat system, Balmoral’s technical and engineering teams developed a lighter syntactic material for use at operational extremes to 15000ft.

However, the essential increase in mechanical performance required to operate at these depths cannot be accompanied by a reduction in available buoyancy, and so foam density reduction was targeted alongside mechanical performance improvement.

The result of the R&D programme is Durafloat Superlite and Durafloat Superlite-X. With these latest additions, Balmoral Offshore Engineering now offers market-leading densities and performance levels across the entire spectrum of drilling operations.

In simple terms, more uplift is provided for the cost when specifying Durafloat Superlite and Durafloat Superlite-X.

All Balmoral Durafloat and Durafloat Superlite modules feature a number of advanced performance-related benefits including:

  • Extreme impact resistant shell
  • Anti-fracture reinforcement
  • Enhanced flexure resistance
  • Improved stacking and storage capability
  • Localised recess reinforcement


Balmoral drilling riser buoyancy to 15000 feet


Uplift improvements over standard drill riser buoyancy systems


More uplift for your money

This chart shows how much more uplift is provided by Durafloat Superlite and Superlite-X systems in comparison to industry standard systems.

Even at 7000ft there is approximately 10% improved uplift performance. When depths of 12000-15000ft are reached this increases by an outstanding 30-50% respectively.