Drilling products

Riser impact protection

The Balmoral riser impact protection system allows the bare joint to be stored in the same stack as buoyant riser joints and minimises the chance of operational damage during deployment and recovery.


When running a bare riser string, ie, without buoyancy modules, several problems can be encountered on the drill platform including:

  • Storage difficulties because of the differences and irregularities in profile
  • Impact damage while being passed through the rotary table

To minimise damage during operations Balmoral Offshore Engineering provides a selection of riser impact protection systems:

  • Rotationally moulded polyethylene modules for standard protection
  • A combination of polyethylene and polyurethane elastomer modules for heavy duty protection and maximum stacking

These products are engineered to provide maximum impact and abrasion protection whilst at the same time being lightweight and easy to handle.


Balmoral riser impact protection modules


Dressed drilling riser joint with riser protection

Dressed drilling riser joint with riser protection

Balmoral riser protection modules are fitted around the riser with moulded apertures accommodating auxiliary lines and riser clamps.