Field work and site application

Because of their complex geometries and considerable scale most work-pieces are unsuitable for factory coating. The application of insulation coatings to manifolds, ‘trees’, spools, jumpers, PLEMS/PLETS, etc, is normally performed either at the fabrication yard or at the assembly site.


It is essential that the insulation systems selected are robust enough to allow the achievement of high quality coating in inevitably hostile external conditions. All Balmoral Elastotherm systems are specifically designed for site application.

With a lack of support infrastructure, site coating work also places extreme demands upon the coating application machines and ancillary equipment. The site equipment employed by Balmoral Offshore Engineering’s coating teams comprises the most modern processing machinery that has been designed to provide low maintenance, trouble-free operation in remote and extreme climatic conditions.

All equipment is containerised to facilitate mobilisation and provide a controlled, high quality operating environment. Laboratory, QC, document control and maintenance services are also provided from dedicated containerised units.


Balmoral insulation field work and site application