Marine installation products

Surface / subsurface buoyancy

Providing a range of surface/subsurface products including one-piece, modular, 'off-the-shelf' and ROV/AUV buoyancy, with a wide variety of fittings and accessories, Balmoral Offshore Engineering offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your installation project.


  • Oceanus floats
  • Tri-buoys
  • Umbilical floats
  • One-piece subsurface buoyancy
  • Mini cylindrical modular buoyancy (MCMB)
  • Cylindrical modular buoyancy (CMB)
  • Modular buoyancy
  • Anchor pendant buoys (APB)
  • Navigation aids
  • Mooring buoys
  • Fittings
  • Buoyancy repairs


Balmoral surface and subsurface buoyancy