Marine installation products

Anchor pendant buoys (APB)

Balmoral Offshore Engineering offers a range of surface buoyancy which includes mooring buoys, anchor pendant buoys, support buoys, chain-through buoys and pick-up buoys which are extremely robust and suitable for the most severe environments.


These buoys are typically constructed from a rigid polyurethane foam core, cast around a central steel tension member that is reinforced with a glass reinforced polyester skin. The buoys are clad in a resilient polyethylene layer which is externally coated with a tough abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomer skin.

These units are suitable for deployment over the stern roller of anchor handling vessels.

Note: All weight in air and buoyancy values are nominal and subject to specific configuration.


Balmoral anchor pendant buoys



APB1       APB2  
APB1     APB2
Weight in air 310kg
Nom buoyancy 1000kg
    Weight in air 560kg Nom buoyancy 2000kg
APB4       APB6  
APB4     APB6
Weight in air 1160kg
Nom buoyancy 4000kg
    Weight in air 1330kg Nom buoyancy 6000kg
APB8       APB10  
APB8     APB10
Weight in air 1580kg
Nom buoyancy 8000kg
    Weight in air 1770kg Nom buoyancy 10000kg
APB15       APB20  
APB15     APB20
Weight in air 2360kg
Nom buoyancy 15000kg
    Weight in air 2860kg Nom buoyancy 20000kg