Marine installation products

Modular buoyancy

Balmoral has developed its range of modular subsurface buoyancy products to include standardised “off-the-shelf” solutions.


Designed to offer a cost effective and rapid response to immediate buoyancy requirements, the new buoys complement the company’s existing range of products suitable for use from 0-3000msw.

These modules incorporate ‘flats’ which provide easier handling and deck storage whilst simultaneously improving robustness.

We believe these are the most user-friendly subsurface buoys on the market.


Modular buoyancy (MB) range

Cylindrical modular buoyancy (CMB) range

Mini cylindrical modular buoyancy (MCMB) range


Balmoral modular subsurface buoyancy



MB60 mega modular buoys


MB60 modular buoys

Used predominantly as support buoys and in suspended mooring systems BOE MB60 modular buoys are available in sizes ranging from 100-300 tonnes.

The rotationally moulded shells are filled with a resilient core material to provide long lasting practically maintenance free performance.