SURF products

Auxiliary products

Clamps, saddles, centralisers, spacers and flange protectors

To help with varying offshore operations, including pipeline installation and cable laying, BOE introduced a range of auxiliary products such as clamps, riser clamps, centralisers and spacers.

Available in a range of elastomeric materials from flexible to rigid, these mouldings can be supplied in a variety of colours to aid identification requirements.

Depending on the application and service life, the clamps may be secured by means of strapped or bolted attachment.


Balmoral piggy back clamps


Balmoral elastomer saddles


Balmoral centralisers


Flange protectors

Designed to protect and insulate subsea pipeline and floating hose flange connections, BOE flange protectors operate in depths exceeding 3000msw and are formed using two half-shells.

Lightweight and ROV friendly, these products benefit from longitudinal and radial seals which restrict seawater ingress between the covers and are designed for lifetime of field use.



Balmoral flange protectors