Design capability

Balmoral Tanks benefits from being part of Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd and the huge support infrastructure that offers. The company is also a supplier of subsea buoyancy, elastomer and insulation products to the global deepwater oil and gas industry.

It is this depth of expertise, particularly in reference to epoxy-coated products, that differentiates Balmoral’s engineering and design teams from any other tank manufacturer in the world.

The company’s design team is always happy to advise clients on the best options for their project and by having such a wide product portfolio substantial savings are frequently made by choosing the correct product for the job.

The vast majority of Balmoral Tanks’ products are accredited and approved by numerous agencies: BSI, LPCB, BAFSA, FM Approvals, British Water and WRAS to name but a few. In gaining these accreditations Balmoral has raised the integrity and standards of the tank industry around the world.

Balmoral Tanks design capability