Decommission and Install, Fire Sprinkler Tank, UK

Wholesale chain, Makro, tasked Hall Fire Systems and Balmoral Tanks to decommission and install a new sprinkler water storage tank over a twenty day period in June 2015 at its site in Washington, Newcastle.

Following a detailed survey by trained installers, Balmoral identified performance issues relating to the delivery of a long-term, cost effective reliable water supply. The existing tank had provided 25 years’ service since installation in the 1990s.

While maintenance and repairs can prolong the life of a fire tank the replacement of a cylindrical, or any type of tank, can be achieved without service interruption when professionally planned. Balmoral Tanks’ expert team, from enquiry to project management, inspection and maintenance to installation and commissioning, is highly experienced and is ideally placed to help with your replacement or refurbishment programme.

Decommission and Installation of the tanks was carried out by Balmoral AIRS approved erectors.


Application Fire sprinkler tank
Tank type Cylindrical galvanised steel tank
Dimensions Decommission - No.1 Ø6.240m x 6.645m
Install - No.1 Ø5.5m x 9.7m
Capacity Decommission - No.1 tank with total capacity of 203m3
Install – No.1 tank with total capacity of 215m3
Scope of work
Design, supply, deliver, install
Installer Locally provided
Date Installation complete June 2015

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