Anaerobic digestion

Glossary of terms

AD Anaerobic digestion
Aerobic Dependant on oxygen or air
Anaerobic Non-dependant on oxygen or air
Biogas Mixture of gases produced by anaerobic digestion
Biomass Any living or recently dead plant or animal material
Biomethane Pure methane produced from biogas
CHP Combined heat and power
CNG Compressed natural gas
Digestate Nutrient-rich material left following anaerobic digestion
Digester The tank in which anaerobic digestion takes place
digestore® Balmoral Tanks’ proprietary concrete AD digester
efusion® Balmoral Tanks’ proprietary epoxy coated steel tank system
EIA Environmental impact assessment
Feedstock The material fed into the digester
Fertiliser A substance added to soil to make it more fertile
Fibre The solid part of digestate
Inorganic Material of mineral origin such as metal or glass
LEC Levy exemption certificate
Liquor The liquid part of digestate
Methane A colourless, odourless gas with the formula CH4
MWh Megawatt hour
Organic Material which comes from animal or plant sources
ROC Renewables obligation certificate
Silage Fermented, high moisture fodder made from crops
Slurry A semi-liquid mixture of manure and water
Windrow Waste in a long, narrow pile to facilitate decomposition