Cylindrical steel tanks

Tank construction

Balmoral cylindrical steel tank illustration


  1. Aluminium or galvanised steel gated ladder
  2. 600mm manway access
  3. Heavy duty roof
  4. Kick plate
  5. Aluminium, glavanised or stainless steel panels
  6. Balmoral FireFlowTM vortex inhibitor (Fire tanks only)
  7. Side entrance manway access panel
  8. Concrete base
  9. EDPM, PVC or butyl rubber line

Note: This is not a typical tank design. Panels and components are shown for illustration purposes only

Tank capacities

Balmoral offers an extensive range of LPCB approved cylindrical tanks. A table of dimensions and capacities allows clients to select a design for their specific application. These options allow the flexibility to increase the tank height and reduce the diameter while maintaining the volume if the footprint is an issue. Alternatively, the diameter can be increased and height reduced if required.


Tank sealing

Balmoral offers two types of tank sealant, liner and mastic; the most common being the liner sealed design. The inside of the tank shell is lined with a synthetic EPDM, PVC or butyl rubber liner. The purpose of the liner is to separate the water from the tank shell. The concrete base and shell are also lined with geo-textile matting to provide additional protection against damage to the liner.


Case studies

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