Hot press GRP sectional tanks

Engineering innovation


The design of each sectional tank panel is modelled using FEA software. This allows fine detail to be thoroughly investigated and improved before proceeding to mould-making and production.



All materials used in the production and assembly of Balmoral GRP tanks are rigorously tested for potable water compatibility. This includes long term material performance and mechanical properties, non-metallic components, adhesives, etc. Combined, these analyses form the basis of the company’s extensive QC procedures.


Manufacturing process

Balmoral sectional tank panels are hot press moulded in glass reinforced plastics (GRP) using isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins and electrical glassfibre reinforcement.

The panels are moulded at temperatures up to 150°C under strict quality control disciplines. The process results in strong, consistent panels which are fully cured, dimensionally accurate with sharply defined profiles and smooth surfaces on both faces.

Drilling and finishing of the panels is undertaken in a purpose built controlled area, where high technology automated drilling equipment is used to complete production to exacting tolerance levels.


Balmoral grp sectional tank design and manufacturing

Thermal insulation

Balmoral sectional tanks use expanded polystyrene (EPS) materials in their thermally insulated panels. This is made using a pentane expansion agent which is CFC and HCFC free and can be recycled by melting down and reforming.

Balmoral grp sectional tank insulated panel

Mechanical property Performance value
Method of manufacture Hot Press Moulded
Specific gravity 1.8
Tensile strength 110 Mpa
Flexural strength 220 Mpa
Flexural modulus 12 Gpa
Impact strength 180 Kj/m2
Barcol hardness 90
Shear strength 107.8 Mpa
Glass content > 30%
Thermal expansion 2.0 x 10-5/°C
Thermal conductivity 0.15 Kcal/m hr°C
Overall heat transmission 0.6 W/m2 K
Water absorption < 0.1%
Light transmission Zero
Insulation thickness 40mm EPS
Insulation cover ABS

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