Hot press GRP sectional tanks

Tank construction

The Balmoral range of sectional GRP tanks may be specified as either externally flanged base (EFB) or internally flanged base (IFB). This allows the use of either flat continuous foundations, close centre beams, pier walls or bearer beams depending upon the type of base required. The internally built tank (IBT) to be supported as standard on an IFB foundation.

The EFB specification is fully self draining allowing ease of maintenance and cleaning.

  • Flexibility of panel sizes allows connections to be agreed on site to suit actual tank location
  • Modular design provides ease of transport and flexibility of assembly on either a prepared flat and level concrete foundation, support walls or bearer beams
  • Panels are rigidly supported by a combination of stainless steel tie rods internally and galvanised box sections externally
  • Installation is carried out by Balmoral approved installers, fully trained to provide total unified responsibility


Flange types

EFB: Externally flanged base, externally flanged sides
GRP sectional tanks flange type IFB

IFB: Internally flanged base, externally flanged sides
GRP sectional tanks flange type EFB

IBT: Internally flanged base, internally flanged sides
GRP sectional tanks flange type IBT


Balmoral grp sectional water storage tank illustration


  1. Handrailing and supports
  2. Screened air vent
  3. Kick plate
  4. Profiled heavy duty cover designed to BS 6399 Pt1 1996
  5. A4 stainless steel internal fasteners and fixings
  6. Float valve chamber (type AB and AF air gaps available)
  7. Hinged or mechanically fixed man access
  8. uPVC tubular roof support struts
  9. GRP or stainless steel internal ladder
  10. Balmoral FireFlowTM vortex inhibitor (Fire tanks only)
  11. Side entrance manway access panel
  12. Hot press moulded GRP panels BS EN 13280 (2001)
  13. 0.5 x 1m hot press moulded panel
  14. 316 Grade stainless steel internal tie rods
  15. 316 Grade stainless steel partition supports
  16. Partition panels
  17. Hot press moulded GRP corner section
  18. Tank supported on a flat and level foundation, pier walls or bearer beams (500mm centred 100x50mm high galvanised levelling steels shown)
  19. Aluminium or galvanised steel gated ladder
  20. Galvanised or stainless steel external fasteners and fixings
  21. Galvanised steel external bracing
  22. WRAS approved BALSEAL sealing strip

Base supports

1 Flat foundation

GRP sectional tank base option

For IFB and IBT tanks. Flat screed concrete foundation to be level and not vary more than 2mm p/m or 6mm p/6m, measured laterally or diagonally. Levelling steels are recommended due to difficulties in achieving +/- 2mm per metre over whole base area.

2 Close centre beams

GRP sectional tank base option
IFB and IBT tanks may also be supported by steel bearer beams.

3 Pier walls

GRP sectional tank base option

For EFB tanks allowing self drain. 1m centres required.

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