Hot press steel sectional tanks

Pipe connections and fittings

Pipe connections and fittings

All pipe connections are made at Balmoral Tanks’ factory before dispatch and customers are asked to provide full details when ordering. The type of pipe connection should be specified together with the relevant standard to which the coupling flanges are drilled or the pipes screwed. To assist delivery, the size and position of each connection should also be specified at the time of ordering. Ball and gate valves and all pipework, including bends and flanges, can be supplied if specified at the time of ordering.

Connections can be supplied as flanged stools to BS4504, ASA or DIN standards, or, for small pipework, screwed sockets to BS1387. The connections are shop-welded to the plates in positions agreed at the time of order.


Pipework configuration

The inlet or delivery pipe can enter the tank through either the side wall at the top of the tank or through the tank base. Flow can be controlled through a ball valve, equilibrium float valve or automatic float switch.

The outlet or service pipe should be taken through the base of the tank and fitted with an internal bellmouth pipe or rose strainer to prevent suspended matter entering the water supply.

The overflow should always be fitted to give at least 75mm of freeboard below the top of the tank in accordance with the UK Water Byelaws, or other regulations, to give the required air gap.

The washout pipe opening should be fitted flush with the bottom of the tank and a sluice valve fitted immediately below the tank base.


Optional extras

  • Ball-valve housing used to raise water level to maximise storage
  • Screened overflows and warning pipes to Water Regulation 16 (UK Byelaw 30)
  • Internal and external mild steel ladders complete with safety hoops and rails
  • Walkways with railings
  • Indicator gear or contents gauges
  • Air gaps to latest WRAS guidelines


Steel tank insulation cross section 


Balmoral pressed steel sectional tanks use an integrated insulation system which is mechanically fixed to the steel plates and incorporates "Envirotherm 70" EPS foam insulation. The foam is dimensionally stable with very low water ingress ensuring long term thermal performance. It is made from a pentane expansion agent which is CFC and HCFC free and can be recycled by melting down and reforming.

The external skin of the panel is manufactured in UV resistant thermoplastic giving an overall typical thickness of 95mm providing a typical U value of less than 0.4 W/m2K.


Filling and testing

This should be done as soon as possible after the tank is built and in any event within the time specified in Balmoral Tanks’ warranty conditions. Balmoral Tanks’ contract does not provide for a member of staff being present during filling.


Conditions of contract

All work is carried out under Balmoral Tanks conditions of sale as stated in the original quotation. Extra copies are available on request.

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