Product applications

Edible/vegetable oils      
Dry bulk solids      
Farm digesters      
Storm/fire water
Potable water (NSF/ANSI 61)
Filter tanks
Municipal sludge storage (open topped)      
Municipal sludge treatment (open topped)      
Municipal mesophilic digester (liquid zone)      
Drinking water (DWI, Reg 31 Approved)  
Municipal backwash effluent      
Municipal sludge cake storage      
Underground/partially back-filled rings          
Epoxy coated steel floors      
Municipal sludge storage (tanks with roof)      
Municipal sludge treatment (tanks with roof)      
Industrial effluent and/or aeration process      
Food process washings      
Liquid leachates      
Municipal mesophilic digester (top ring and roof)      
Thermophilic digester (liquid zone)      
Thermophilic digester (top ring and roof)      
High temperature applications      
Aggressive/chemical industrial effluent