Technical services

Maintenance, repair and refurbishment

As well as providing a global installation capability, Balmoral Tanks offers a full tank inspection, maintenance, refurbishment and repair service. It is critical that tank installations are well managed and regularly inspected so that continuous levels of reliability and performance are maintained.

Balmoral can help by providing planned inspection and maintenance programmes to ensure your installation stays in top condition whatever brand of tank you may have.

Looking after your tanks and ensuring you have the right maintenance programme in place is important as small problems can quickly develop into major issues.
Please contact our field team for further information.


Wide ranging services include:

Roof repairs, replacements and upgrades
Internal liners or replacement liners (EPDM, PVC or butyl)
Access hatches
Protective coatings
Panel sheet repairs/replacement
Fixings and sealants
Concrete screeds
Concrete tank lining
Ancillary items
Tank cleaning
Complete removal and replacement of tanks


Balmoral Tanks Technical Services repair and refurbishment


Engineering support

Maintenance, repair and service works are fully supported by Balmoral’s engineering team. Advice is given on how existing installations can be brought up to current national and international standards including the improvement and addition of ancillary equipment.

Company engineers work to global standards providing analysis and design support on all tank upgrades and service provision.