Technical services

Tank inspection

Risk assessment and visual inspection

Balmoral Tanks’ technical teams carry out external and internal inspections on all types of installation. Inspections focus on the tank material, eg, steel (galvanized or epoxy), GRP, concrete, etc, as well as identifying the design of tank, whether it is sectional bolted, welded or one-piece moulded.

Roof structures and supports are inspected and all ancillaries, fittings and fasteners are checked for signs of deterioration and potential failure. If the tank is of mastic sealed design all external seams are checked for signs of leaks. Similar external inspection methods are used on liner sealed tanks for signs of piercings.

Tank inspections can be complex and the following parameters are always taken into consideration:

  • Tank isolation and draining
  • Access and egress (confined space)
  • Working at height (access equipment)
  • Tank cleaning
  • Health and safety controls


Balmoral Tanks Technical Services visual inspection


Balmoral Tanks Technical Services visual inspection


Balmoral Tanks Technical Services visual inspection

ROV inspection

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) may appear to be overly-technical when carrying out an internal tank inspection, however, when the following points are considered it is undoubtedly the safest and most cost effective method available:

Improved health and safety procedures
No isolation of water supply or decommissioning of mechanical operations
No disruption of water services
No insurance premium payments for removing tank from service
One man operation means reduced inspection costs
No access equipment required for carrying out operations at height
Highly detailed inspection
No confined space working
Inspection completed in a single day
Inspection carried out at a time to suit customer requirements
External tank inspection can be carried out simultaneously


ROV inspection includes:

ROV micro submersible unit
Umbilical tether
Deployment tether unit
Digital HD colour video camera
Report, including images and recommendations
Fully edited video and DVD options

On completion of an ROV inspection, Balmoral will provide a full report inclusive of images and DVD footage with conclusions and remedial works recommendations. Inspections are scheduled to cause minimal disruption.