Medical equipment

Friends of ANCHOR is helping to bring advanced surgical and diagnostic medical equipment and technology to the North-east. Below are some of the pieces of equipment that Friends of ANCHOR has funded.

robot radiopharmaceutical dose administration system

Robot radiopharmaceutical dose administration system

This equipment automatically dispenses and administers radioactive pharmaceutical for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The system works hand in hand with the PET/CT machine within the hospital which is used to map the distribution of radioactive pharmaceutical activity in the body.

This equipment will increase patient and staff safety by automating the dispensing and administration process. Radiation doses will significantly reduce for staff when administering PET (and other) radiopharmaceuticals which will allow a more efficient use of the radiopharmaceutical produced, reducing costs and facilitating an increased capacity.

Cost £105,000

Gastroscopic ultrasound equipment

Gastroscopic ultrasound equipment

Friends of ANCHOR teamed up with NHS Grampian’s Endowment Fund Committee to raise the required funds, totalling £152,149, to purchase vital ultrasound gastroscopic equipment which has advanced diagnosis and treatment for patients with upper intestinal cancers.

Vitally, this technology has helped to detect cancer earlier and assess which patients are suitable for surgery. The equipment also helps to identify if the disease has spread which may not be detectable via CT scanning.

Importantly, in its initial 10 months, over 100 patients benefitted from the equipment.

Cost £88,741*

*60% contribution of overall cost

Plasma jet device

Plasma jet device

This crucial equipment can be lifesaving in many cases for women with ovarian cancer as it optimises the amount of cancerous tumour which can be removed during surgery.

This heat device enables surgeons within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to carry out the intricate procedure of removing all the visible, small and multiple sites of cancer to offer the best survival for the patient.

In the last two years, the multi-disciplinary surgical team – working within gynaecology, colorectal, etc – who treat ovarian cancer patients, have been able to do more radical surgery. The plasma jet device’s arrival in the surgery wards has brought the team another crucial step forward, ensuring maximum surgical benefit for women with ovarian cancer.

Cost £30,000

Laporoscopic surgery

Film dosimetry system

The radio-chromic film dosimetry system allows for the development of a highly targeted form of radiotherapy treatment known as SABR. The film dosimetry system will provide a 3-D resolution that can’t be achieved with any other type of system and this resolution is critical given the small radiation areas that are targeted with SABR.

The system has the potential to reduce the number of radiotherapy treatment sessions for early stage lung cancer by up to 85% and cut travel time for treatment by at least 330 miles. Previously patients had to travel as far as Leeds for treatment but now patients in the North-east have access to an alternative and advanced form of radiotherapy much closer to home.

Cost £13,407

Aberdeen Gene Machine at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Aberdeen Gene Machine

The equipment allows consultants to give patients more targeted and effective chemotherapy for some of the most common cancers in the North-east; lung, bowel, breast and ovary by identifying every patient’s unique gene pattern.

Importantly, it also helps to prevent cancer in the relatives of those being treated at the ANCHOR Unit by assisting the Aberdeen genetics team to identify inherited cancer gene links.

Cost £210,000*

*Matching the contribution from Aberdeen University and NHS Grampian

Laporoscopic surgery

Endoeye laparoscopes

Permits the use of smaller incisions for key-hole surgery to remove cancerous tumours or undertake biopsies. This means less pain, quicker recovery time and fewer post-operative problems for patients.

Cost £16,200

Supply of scales to the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary


These lightweight scales allow staff to accurately record patient’s weight which may affect treatment times and doses.

Cost £401

Supply of thermometers to the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Digital thermometers

Digital Thermometers are given to each patient when they leave the ANCHOR Unit. They allow patients to closely monitor their temperature which may provide early indication of infection.

Cost £10,000 PA

Supply of De Smit Bladder scanner to the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

De Smit Bladder scanner

Optimises the accuracy of radiotherapy treatment in patients with pelvic cancer and reduces the need for repeated CT scans.

Cost £6,045

Supply of Olympus flexible laryngoscope to the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Olympus flexible laryngoscope

This flexible videoscope has transformed the ease of post-surgery assessment following thyroid cancer surgery.

Cost £6,000


Every penny counts!

Friends of ANCHOR is unique in that every penny donated goes directly to the cause as all of the charity’s running and administration costs are fully funded by Balmoral Group.