Balmoral Advanced Composites

Balmoral Advanced Composites

Since 1980, Balmoral has been at the forefront of plastics technology, producing lightweight composites products across a range of sectors where corrosion resistance and high strength to weight performance make it the material of choice.

This experience, complemented by an ongoing commitment to materials development, has established Balmoral as one of the most progressive and competitive companies in the polymer engineering field.

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The use of thermoplastic and composite systems offers significant advances over conventional materials providing they are correctly designed, manufactured and specified.

Balmoral has considerable experience in this field, specialising in material selection, stress analysis, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning.


The range of composites products manufactured by Balmoral is extensive and includes water tanks, wind turbine blades and protection covers, pollution control equipment and specialised high volume mouldings.

Other products available from Balmoral Advanced Composites include subsea tree components and protection covers, wind, wave and tidal energy products as well as caissons, guides and centralisers.

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