Balmoral acknowledges the importance of health and safety and is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, subcontractors and visitors, on or off-site.


Balmoral Group is fully compliant with environmental regulations and recognised industry standards and continually seeks to adopt solutions to protect the natural world.

The company acknowledges that environmental factors form an integral part of its business responsibilities and enable the company to demonstrate an ethical, effective and sustainable approach to all operations.

It is also recognised that provision must be made to accommodate the needs of future generations. To do this, Balmoral continually evolves its processes and services, obtains optimum return on resources and is proactive and systematic in appraising environmental performance. As a result, the company’s environmental obligations are a fundamental part of its culture.

All Balmoral personnel are committed to the company’s core values and its philosophy of continuous improvement
We strive to maintain good relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers and the wider communities

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